Creating space requires knowledge, experience, cooperation, time and courage. The result becomes a permanent element in the structure of the city, creating new standards and influencing quality of life.

Probuild has been active on the real estate market since 1993, continuously expanding the scope of its services. During 23 years of operation the company has taken part in many projects, that often proved groundbreaking. Our accomplishments can be seen in many Polish cities.

One of them, the result of the cooperation with international developer – the Von der Heyden Group – is the office center at Andersa Square – in the center of Poznań. Probuild’s most significant achievements include participating in the development of Liberty Corner office building in Warsaw and our independent project – Osiedle Odkrywców in Wrocław. PIN PARK in Wrocław is also an independent investment of Probuild. Through our experience and the knowledge of the highly specialized members of our team we are able to provide future lessees with a prearranged office space of the best quality. Everything with vision and passion! Come and see!

Feel welcome!